J. Phys. Colloques
Volume 41, Numéro C8, Août 1980
Fourth International Conference on Liquid and Amorphous Metals
Page(s) C8-40 - C8-43
Fourth International Conference on Liquid and Amorphous Metals

J. Phys. Colloques 41 (1980) C8-40-C8-43

DOI: 10.1051/jphyscol:1980810


S. Sotier1, W.W. Warren2 et Jr.2

1  Fachhochschule, FB 06 Phys. Technik and Physik Dept. T.U. München, West Germany
2  Bell Laboratories, Inc., Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974, USA

The metal-nonmetal transition in liquid Cs-I solutions has been investigated by 133Cs and 127I NMR over the range from pure Cs to approximately CsI2. With increasing I concentrations in Cs, we observe a sharp decrease of the 133Cs Knight shift until for stoichiometric CsI and I-rich solutions only a small chemical shift is observed. 127I shifts indicate substantial penetration of conduction electron charge to the nuclei of I- ions in Cs-rich solutions. The 133Cs spin-lattice relaxation rates reveal a gradual breakdown of nearly-free-electron conditions and progressively stronger localization as I is added to Cs. Below a few per cent excess Cs in CsI the data indicate formation of localized states whose structure is analogous to F-centers.